This is how ERIG is structured

The members of ERIG associate themselves into different working groups [German: AG] depending on their interests to work on specific projects together. The areas of responsibility of each group is listed here:

AG Experimentalraketen (AG Experimental Rockets)

  • Design and manufacture of experimental rockets
  • Organising and carrying out rocket launches
  • Designing new engines
  • Developing new experiments
  • Investigating and evaluating experimental outcomes

AG Höhenforschung (AG High Altitude Research)

  • Planning and designing small satellites / CubeSats
  • Launching and operating satellites
  • Operating our ground station for satellite observation and communication
  • Developing and launching high-altitude balloon systems
  • Developing high-altitude research experiments
  • Planning and constructing a Mars rover demonstrator

AG Presse und Öffentlichkeit (AG Press and Publicity)

  • Press and publicity work
  • Coordination of events

Executive Board

The executive board of ERIG handles all of the groups organisational and administrative tasks:


  • Representative of ERIG
  • Coordination of all WGs


  • Administration of ERIG
  • Maintaining of archives


  • Finances and accounting

AG leaders

  • Coordination of tasks within the working groups
  • Project management